Local Amenities

Places to do just about anything

1The Eastport Peninsula has long enjoyed its status as one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s premier destinations, with an abundance of natural riches to complement its famously popular beaches. There are so many diversions, so many choices to stay, eat, shop or visit. Explore the compilation of attractions and destinations. Contact numbers are included, as well as links to websites where applicable.

Places to Stay


Places to Eat

  • Eastport Chicken Bar (Eastport) 677-2194
  • Gertie's Galley (Eastport) 677- 2458
  • Little Denier Restaurant (Eastport) 677-3663
  • Ocean Breeze Pub (Salvage) 677-2646 (http://www.oceanbreezepub.ca)
  • Inn at Happy Adventure - Chucky's Seafood & Wild Game Restaurant 677-2233
  • Seaside (Sandy Cove) 526-3334
  • Down Home Delights (Eastport) 526-2034 (https://www.facebook.com/DownHomeDelightsRestaurant)


Places to Visit


Craft/Gift Shop


Other Stores

  • Eastport PharmaChoice (Eastport, Drug Store & Liquor Store) 677-2255
  • Eastport Peninsula Valuefoods (Eastport) 677-2311
  • Freshmart (Eastport) 677-2102
  • Burnside Enterprises (Burnside) 677-2063