the Old Trails

Hike through History

The Old Trails were developed by the Eastport Peninsula Heritage Society Inc. with support from the Canada Youth Service Program. These paths and cart trails once linked families in Salvage with those who settled in the early coastal communities of Newman Sound: Broomclose and Barrow Harbour. Today eight of these trails form a 12 kilometre hiking corridor along the Eastport Peninsula from Sandy Cove to Salvage.

Over the centuries these paths and trails were carved by the men to reach their traditional hunting and trapping grounds and the wooded areas called drokes. Today The Old Trails are used by others to explore their natural wonders: marshes teeming with wild flowers, oceanic barrens, numerous streams and ponds, patches of boreal woods and the great vistas of Newman Sound and Bonavista Bay.

Juniper posts mark the name of each of the eight trails, and smaller posts and arrows indicate the direction. There are picnic tables, benches and board walks over wet spots and streams that are all made of untreated juniper (the local name for eastern larch). There are plenty of rock juniper as well, sprouting from the ridges along the trails.

The Sandy Cove Entrance to The Old Trails is located in Crooked Tree Park on the Ridge Trail that leads to a picnic site and volcanic dyke before it climbs up to the hills and ponds overlooking Newmand Sound.

The Salvage Entrance starts behind the Fisherman's Museum and is a demanding hike up to the Big Shute and along the Peninsula to Sandy Cove. An easier entrance is located by playground in the main harbour, and winds its way up the Meshes to the Big Shute.

The Old Trails

Trail Difficulties: 1=Easy, 2 =More Demanding, 3=Strenuous

The Ridge (1)

The first of the trails from Sandy Cove is lined with wild flowers, mosses, ferms and most of the native trees, to a picnic site by a volcanic dyke and its stream. The incline to the hills above Sandy Cove is gradual and leads to the first of the twenty-two ponds on the Peninsula. Distance: 3kms

The Ponds (2)

The trail skirts a number of ponds on the Peninsula and offers great vistas of Eastport Bay and Newman Sound on the way to Twin Ponds with their waterfall and picnic site. Distance: 4kms

The Junipers (3)

From Twin Ponds the trail slopes down ridges strewn with rock juniper and along the western rim of Barrow Harbour Pond to the small path down to the Cove in Barrow Harbour. Special poles have been erected to mark the way. Distance: 5kms

The Cove (1)

A short stroll down the path from the Barrow Harbour Pond and you'll find a small protected cove. Until the turn of the last century, the Cove was settled by several families who moved to larger communities on the Peninsula. Distance: 0.5kms

Old Cart (2)

The Old Cart is just over the bridge on the eastern rim of the Pond. The path cuts across a backdrop of glacial out cropping before it connects with Salvage Barrens. Distance: 1km

The Barrens (3)

The ascent up these oceanic barrens offers an opportunity to observe rare geology and arctic plant life. Take time at the top to enjoy the great vistas of the headlands and islands of Newman Sound. Distance: 2kms

Sunshine Hill (2)

A comfortable hike through the trees, down the stream to Kitt's Ridge and along the trail under Gerard's Hill, the highest in Bonavista Bay. There is a small path to the Broom Close cliffs just before the picnic site on top of Big Shute. Below are two trails leading into historic Salvage. Distance: 3kms

The Meshes (2)

The Meshes are a gentle walk down the glacial shutes and along the marches and fens (called meshes), all teaming with wild flowers. The trail ends at the playground leading down to the active fishing harbour of historic Salvage. Distance: 1.5kms

The Museum (3)

The Museum is a longer trail down the hills to the old cemeteries and a wooden lookout over the waters beyond. From there it's a short descent to the Salvage Fishermen's Museum, the centre for information on the Salvage Trails and the history of the community. Distance: 1km

The Salvage Trails

These trails consist of old paths and cart roads surrounding the two historic harbours. These trails were restored by the Salvage Town Council and the Salvage Recreation Committee with financial assistance from Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

The Old Trails - Area Map

The area map shows the location and distance of The Old Trails and where they are positioned between Sandy Cove and Salvage.

The Old Trails - Area Map